Caring for Hair Extensions

Caring for Hair Extensions

hair extensionsThe very popular hair extensions people get these days need to be treated differently than your own hair to make sure they last longer.

The most important part of the car is to keep the bonds dry if you have bonded extensions. If you have clip in extensions, water is much less of an issue.

The bond is fragile when it gets wet. This doesn’t mean you cannot wash your hair – you should wash your hair. What I mean is you need to be careful when swimming. Don’t leave the bond in the water for extended periods and when you get out of the water, dry it immediately.

You should also look at braiding your hair if you do plan to swim. This prevents different types of hair extensions from getting tangled. Don’t do a ponytail because this puts more stress on the bond.

If you have tape in hair extensions, the biggest threat comes from sun and skin care products. These lotions can get to the tape and cause it to come loose. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying lotions so you don’t get it in your hair.

Brush your hair regularly, including the extensions. But make sure whatever brush you us is extension-friendly. Your hair stylist can help you select a brush which will do this. You should also hold the extension’s bond, clip or tape while you brush.

Leave-in conditions are a big help too. These reduce tangling. Try to keep the conditioner away from the bond or tape. Conditioners keep the hair extensions from drying out.

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