• Review from Nu S.

Los Angeles, CA


As a Philadelphia transplant I’ve been searching long and hard for someone who knows how to cut my funky curly short hair and for it actually look good. I probably went to at least 5 salons in the area and no one got it. It ev en got to the point in which I flew back to Philly to get my haircut (no joke). For a while I was going to my husband’s barber just so i could get a proper fade (i have shaved sides). However my search is over. My new stylist is Udi!!

Udi took his time in cutting my hair (and basically fixing a bad haircut someone else in LA gave me), making sure my hair color was perfect. I happen to be the only one in the salon at the time and I just bounded with him and his assistant. Both are amazing. And the woman (Inna I believe) is really nice too.

I found my spot. Thanks Udi!

Just a note – I did have a hard time finding the place. You can’t see it from the road as it is in a square with other stores. Udi did inform me that they are opening a new salon soon down the street.


  • Review from Rosey I.

Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA


Love Udi!!! He does the best color and highlights I’ve come across in LA and his prices are very reasonable! Been a regular for almost 10 years now, I highly recommend trying him out for color and cut!! I promise you won’t leave disappointed. Also the new salon is beautiful!!


  • Review from Jenny A.

Los Angeles, CA


I needed an emergency haircut after finding out Friday at 4pm that I would be interviewing for my dream position on Monday morning. Not a lot of notice! I called Udi Salon seeing the high reviews on yelp, and asked to make an appointment to get a haircut on a Saturday, for that same Saturday.

Not only did they make room for me, Inna gave me one of the greatest cut I’ve ever had! I showed her a few pictures of some big bouncy curls, and I walked away happy– with big bouncy curls!

I did have a bit of difficulty trying to find the location, but I called walking on the street, and Udi actually met me to lead me into the place. That’s some really great service!

I’ll definitely be going back to get some sexy ombre color, but for now the cut I got is cute, EXACTLY what I was looking for, and I know my interview is going to be stellar thanks to Inna!


  • Review from Heather Ann L.

San Diego, CA


UDI IS A HAIR GOD. Long story short I had my friend who is a beauty student try to take my golden blonde hair to platinum and it came out silver, purple, yellowish, etc. It was such a mess.

But Udi came to my rescue, brought me to a beautiful even platinum blonde in just a few hours and gave me an amazing cut. The moment he touches your hair you will feel at ease. He and the other stylists at Udi Salon are experts at their craft and will be the only ones touching my hair from now on! Amazing customer service. I am so grateful!

Comment from Udi B. of UDI Salon 11/18/2012

Udi salon thank you for the wonderful review.I had a grate… More »



  • Review from Mary Ann S.

Los Angeles, CA


Udi, by far, the best hair stylist in LA. He has been doing my hair for 8 YEARS!!! I have hair extensions, and nobody EVER believes that I do! Udi and Inna are always friendly, and helpfull. I love going there and never switching a salon again!


  • Review from Angela P.

Culver City, CA


OK so normally I would never cheat on my stylist because she’s amazing.  However she’s out on maternity leave and my hair desperately needed some love.  I never mind saving money and I always wait until the last minute, so I found this place through the Groupon Now deal.  $89 for a partial highlight, cut and style.   It was one of those same day deals (expired at 7pm), so before buying it I called to make sure  they could fit me in.  When called and talked to Inna – they didn’t have a appointment that day to fit my schedule but she said she can honor the deal if I wanted to come in on Friday.  Now another reviewer on here mentioned buying the deal in the salon is less than honest, but for me it was convenient.  I’ve also had a pretty bad customer service experience with Groupon so I’d rather give my $$ directly to the business…just my personal opinion

I arrived about 10 min early, Udi and Inna were working and they both greeted me and offered me water/coffee while I waited until my appointment time.  My appointment was with Inna – she was very nice.  I told her I wanted my roots highlighted to match the rest of my “blonde” hair, and just a trim…easy.  My color and cut both turned out great.   The color totally matches…my only critique is that my highlights are a little chunkier than before… I naturally have light brown hair…my highlights are so fine that people think I’m a natural blonde (shhh don’t tell!).  The chunkier highlights look great right now, but I think they will make it more obvious that I’m a brunette once they start to grow out a little bit….which just means that I can’t procrastinate as long.  She also needs to work a little bit  on her scalp massaging technique.  Other than that I left the salon feeling like a hottie!   The way she styled my hair after the cut was awesome, I was glad I had plans to go out that night!

All in all I had a great experience and while I could never switch stylists permanently, I would definitely go back to Inna until mine returns.


  • Review from Diana Q.

Anaheim, CA


I bought a YELP deal online and went to get my hair done for post doc -graduation. I went in only wanting a dye, but Udi wanted to fix my hair.. from fixing my layers and giving me a a great dye job. It was the fastest hair cut and dye I’ve ever had, all attention was on my hair and he was very very down to earth. I have not met another stylist like him and my hair is growing out great. I live in anaheim but I’ll come back for his hair cuts from now on. Just knows what works best for your hair and fixes everything to match your face and taste. Love.


  • Review from Lindsay W.

Newport Beach, CA


Sooo glad I stumbled upon this little salon yesterday!  They fit me in for a same day appointment, and Inna flawlessly fixed my crappy haircut and gave me PERFECT ombre color…an added bonus is that the assistant kept my parking meter full so I didnt have to walk down the street to my meter in a haircut gown and shower cap 🙂
Reasonably priced too, LOVE these guys, will definitely go back!


  • Review from Claudia B.



Udi is the BEST!!!  He can certainly cut and cuts it the way YOU want it.  He’s also great in coloring my hair.  I get highlights and in the summer it got too light.  Udi used highlights and low-lights to bring beautiful contrast back into my hair.  He is open on Sundays, which works perfectly for me and I look forward every time I go.  Udi and his staff are so inviting and the atmosphere is so relaxed, I feel like it’s a special treat for myself every time I go to get my hair done.  It’s like a spa day with friends!


  • Review from Deborah S.

Los Angeles, CA


Very impressed.  Udi and I had a misunderstanding about my Yelp coupon.  He not only ended up honoring the coupon, but threw in extras.  On top of all that, I got a beautfiul color and cut for my hair.  And he couldn’t have been more gracious.


  • Review from Amaris C.

Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA


Color done right! Udi did an AMAZING color correction after a disastrous color job at another salon. He made sure I got the red hair I wanted WITHOUT damaging my hair, and he made sure that my hair was healthy and strong enough to take on another color job only a week after the original! Yuli was so nice too! Was handed a cup of coffee and made sure I was comfortable. I had a chance to also see him do ombre coloring on another client, I was speechless. It looked hot! Udi definitely loves what he does and it shows in the end result. Will be back!


Comment from Udi B. of UDI Salon 11/19/2012

Hi Amaris your review is very appreciated, I enjoy working… More »



  • Review from Francesca M.

Beverly Hills, CA


Udi is a great guy! He cut, reconditioned and colored my hair flawlessly. Him and his staff will make you feel at home, when I went they had donuts and tea. The prices are quite affordable and the service is excellent, at first I was skeptical because their place is so small and tucked away; however, one you start talking to Udi, Ari and the other staff you know you’ve come to a good place.


  • Review from George D.

Los Angeles, CA


I’ve been going to Udi  for two years now, being picky and perfectionist, I want things the way I see it, nothing crazy or difficult, but just right. And Udi knows first of all how to listen and second how to cut and style. He rocks, as a professional who constantly upgrades his knowledge and never loses curiosity for what he does, and as a person in general. I would highly recommend to try him. There’s always gonna be someone who won’t have compatibility with what he does and how he does it, that’s the nature of life, but please don’t get hung on negative review if there is one, and find out for yourself. From my experience, and I have a long one when it comes to hair, he’s one of the best. I give to his salon and him personally 5 stars for the quality of work and for always being flexible and accommodating.


  • Review from Annie L.

Hollywood, CA


I love and adore this place. The price hurts my wallet only because I am currently working minimally in order to focus on school. But honestly when you consider LA prices its not bad… On average I pay around 70 (including tip) for wash, cut, and blow dry. I walk out of there feeling like a star! No really, I walk out of there elated! I typically go to Inna but I’ve seen the other 2 stylists and they too do a great job. They also make you feel welcome. The quality is fantastic! I recommend to everyone!

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