Love your hair!

After coloring/bleaching your hair you definitely want to nourish it to get it feeling and looking healthy don’t you? Make sure to buy some good products and conditioning treatments.

Pamper yourself…

Give yourself a special treatment, Come in for a change and start getting ready for Summer.

Sunny days…

Sunny warm days call for ponytails and braids! (:

Go natural!

Letting your hair rest from all your hot tools will not only save you time but also save you from all the damaging heat.


Come in for a new look to start off your spring just right!

Save time!

Now that it’s beginning to feel a lot like Summer, come in for a Brazilian blowout! Why bring out the hot toos at home when the experts here at Udi Salon can do the job for you! Save yourself time and have your hair looking and feeling amazing!

Hair tips:

Before using any heat on your hair… Make sure to use a thermo builder and also silicone to prevent the excess damage coming from the heat being applied to the hair. Try our new Mon Platin products for best results!

Hair tips:

Comb tangles out of wet hair with a wide tooth comb rather than with a paddle brush. Combs don’t pull on hair like regular brushes therefore causing less damage.

Hair tip:

Before using bobby pins, spray some hair spray on them for a stronger grip and prevent them from sliding off.

Hair tip…

Trimming your hair occasionally is highly recommended to keep hair healthy and split end free,