Hair tip:

Focus on applying conditioner mainly on the ends of the hair. The scalp already produces its natural oils therefore adding conditioner to scalp will only make hair flat.


Wash your hair with hot water! Hot water opens up the hair cuticles which on colored hair causes discoloration.

Hair tips…

Shampooing hair on a daily basis can increase the oil production of the hair, therefore going a few days without washing the hair will help balance the oil reproduction with time.

Quick hair tip…

Tying your hair up too tight in a pony tail can cause breakage to the hair. Avoid as much as possible to prevent hair damage.

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Why heat?? Save time!

Stop damaging your hair with excessive heat, give your hair & yourself a break! Instead braid your hair the night before, let your braids sit overnight and achieve some nice beach waves without the need of heat.

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